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Our courses are for anyone wishing to become a Bridal hairstylist and will start with a foundation course and then will lead onto our Bridal hair course.If you have a training already you might be more suited to just doing the Bridal course.

 If, however you have no training we would suggest that you gain the skills required from the basic training first.This will give you the foundation and from there,this will lead on to the Bridal course and from there the world is your oyster!

These are the courses and dates. We will be running them in the day,evening and weekends. We will be adding extra courses like our Braiding course which is a very good addition to your skills and brides love to have braided hairstyles as well as all the other options we can show you.We have an excellent hairstylist who specialises in  braids so do have a look at this course.

We  will be adding a vintage hair course in due course so do keep an eye on our Instagram and please follow for updates.It is @bridalhairandmakeupartists

Finally before we show you the courses and dates if you have any questions please email info@bridalhairandmakeupartists.com.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Bridal Courses

Hair Foundation Course

  • Hygiene
  • Brushes and combs and which ones to use
  • Products – which ones to use for different techniques and hair types
  • Electricals – which ones to use and buy for your kit
  • Blow dry – correct way to blow dry, keeping in mind different ways to achieve different looks
  • Straightening – a day to straighten hair after sectioning with straighteners and which products to use
  • Curling – demonstrating different ways to curl using tongs and rollers
  • Back Comb – technique sometimes needed to create fullness
  • Hair styling – once hair has been prepped, different techniques will be shown to create different styles
  • Hair up – techniques using pins to create hair ups including a half up half down looks
  • Products to finish – which products to finish the look


The following are the dates and times for the Foundation Hair course.

15-19th February 2021 10.30-12.30 
Price £625
1-5th March 2021 10.30-12.30
Price £625
8-12th March 2021 18.30-20.30
Price – £625
15-19th March 2021 10.30-12.30
Price – £625
22-26th March 2021 18.30-20.30
Price – £625
29th March – 2nd April 2021 10.30-12.30
Price – £625
5 -9th April 2021 18.30-20.30
Price – £625
12-16th April 2021 10.30-12.30
Price – £625
19-23rd April 2021 18.30-20.30
Price – £625
Per Day Price = £150

Bridal Hair Course

  • Half up and down styles
  • Side and normal bun
  • French pleat
  • Boho hairstyles
  • Talk on how a trial works, noted and photos needed, talk about the deposit and payment and then a style for the wedding day.

The following are the dates and times available for the Bridal Hair Course


15-19th February 2021 10.30-12.30 
Price £625
1-5th March 2021 18.30 – 20.30
Price – £625
8th-12th March 2021 10.30 -12.30
Price – £625
15th-19th March 2021 18.30 -20.30
Price -£625
22-26th March 2021 10.30-12.30
Price – £625
29th March -2nd April 2021 18.30 -20.30
Price – £625
5-9th April 2021 10.30-12.30
Price – £625
12-16th April 2021 18.30 -20.30
Price – £625
19-23th April 2021 10.30-12.30
Price -£625
Per Day Price = £150

Braiding Courses


The following our our Braiding courses .We are getting more and more requests for braids as they add an enhance any hairstyle.Well worth learning how to do them as they are so varied and look great in photos.We have a basic .intermediate and advanced courses.These courses can be paid by the day as we will be doing one hairstyle a day and there might be certain braids you would like to learn.Of course it would be beneficial to do the whole course.

Basic Braiding Course


Day 1: Basic French braid

Day 2: Basic Dutch braid

Day 3: Basic fishtail

Day 4: Dutch headband

Day 5: Waterfall braid

Day 6 (if weekend course): Creating styles from techniques learnt throughout this course i.e halo/crown braid or upside down braid.

The following are the dates and times for the Basic Braiding course.


Weekday evenings 6.30-20.30
Price = £625
11-15th January 2021
1-5th February 2021
22nd-26th February 2021

Weekends 10-12noon on Saturday and Sunday
Price =£700

16-17th January 2021
23-24th January 2021
30-31st January 2021

Per Day Price  = £150

Intermediate Braiding Course

Day 1: Basic bun braid (requires hair donut)

Day 2: Pull through braid

Day 3: Cage braid

Day 4: Dragon braid (will require pins)

Day 5: 3D braid

Day 6 (if weekend course): French loop braid

The following are the dates and times available for the Intermediate Braiding Course

Weekday evenings 6.30-20.30
Price = £625

18th-22nd January 2021
8-12th February 2021

Weekends 10-12noon on Saturday and Sunday
Price = £700

6-7th February 2021
13-14th February 2021
20-21st February 2021

Per Day Price = £150

Advanced Braiding Course

Day 1: Rope twist bun

Day 2: 5 strand braid

Day 3: Mermaid braid

Day 4: Beehive braid

Day 5: 5 strand ribbon braid (will require two pieces of ribbon which must be longer than the hair you are braiding – two different colours is good when you are learning so you know which is which!)

Day 6 (if weekend course): Zipper braid

The following dates and times are for the Advanced Braiding Course

Weekday evenings from 18.30-20.30
Price = £625
25th-29th January 2021
15th-19th February 2021

Weekends on Saturday and Sunday mornings
Price = £700

10-12 noon
27-28th February 2021
6-7th March 2021
13-14th March 2021

Per Day Price = £150